Thursday, June 25, 2020

Wireless Headset Helps with Video Conferences

Video conferencing
with a Jabra Talk 5 Earpiece
and ANU CECS Beanie
Since February I have been in many hours a day of video conferences. So I purchased a Jabra Talk 5 Bluetooth earpiece.

With a USB Wired Headset
Previously I used two sets of wired USB headsets (I won a set in in an e-teaching competition and the other were $5 at a charity shop). These have comfortable padded ear-cups, and a boom microphone positioned in front of the month. This provides excellent audio quality, and excludes external noise. However, after a day of hours of video conferences, my ears start to feel squashed. Also the cable tethers me to the desk and I look a bit silly in them.

Jabra Talk 5 Bluetooth earpiece
The Jabra is a lightweight alternative, with a loop to go over the ear, and a selection of in-ear rubber tips. The microphone is at the stubby end of the unit closest to the mouth. Pairing with my laptop was fiddly until I installed the Blueman application for Linux.

The earpiece is comfortable, the sound is okay, but not as high quality as the headphones. The wireless range is adequate for my apartment. Also handy is that I can wear the earpiece with the ANU CECS beanie I received this-morning. ;-)

There are wireless headsets available for about one third the cost of the Jabra, but they have a much shorter talk time, and would not get me through the day.

There are a few glitches: it is difficult to pair the Jabra with more than one device. When I pair it with my phone, I then have difficulty repairing with the laptop. Also it is difficult to mute the microphone and be assured this as been done. The Talk 5 is the bottom of the Jabra range and there are units with more features, but it is adequate for my purposes.

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  1. The Jabra Talk 5 worjked fine with Zoom, but I experienced problems with a Microsoft Teams video conference. The audio started to break up. When I switched to a USB wired headset it was fine. It may be my low powered laptop doesn't have the CPU capacity to handle the Bluetooth.