Friday, January 8, 2021

Engaging Students in the Online Environment: Four Free Webinars

Manisha Khetarpal has asked me for a series of four 20 minute free webinars in the Microlearning Series at Maskwacis Cultural College in Canada. These will be on "Engaging students in the online environment". They are planned to be each Wednesday, from 20 January at 11:00 am AEDT Sydney time (Tuesday, January 19, 5 pm MST in Edmonton). This follows on my six part "Higher education after COVID-19" series in 2020. Please register now for the first webinar and send your suggestions.

The four webinars:

  1. What have we learned from teaching online in 2020 due to COVID-19? In early 2020, like many in higher education, Tom Worthington had to flip to teaching online. Come along and hear Tom Worthington's experience at the Australian National University. Come along and be ready to tell the webinar what worked, and what didn't work, for you in 2020. 
  2. Show-Your-Work to discourage students cheating online: How do we keep students engaged with their major assessment tasks all the way through a course? Tom Worthington is proposing to have students record their notes and work for assignments, both to keep them engaged and make cheating harder. Be ready to contribute your ideas and experience of having students show their work.
  3. Hackerthons for Learning: Hackathons came from the computer industry, where teams competed over a few days to collaborate intensively on a project. These have now expanded into other fields. Can we use this format to keep students engaged, solving real world problems? Tom Worthington will talk about his experience with hackerthons involving students and military personnel. Be ready to contribute your ideas.
  4. How do we get students to engage beyond the class? Education is supposed to be a social and cultural experience, not just learning stuff. With students online, how do we get them to engage outside formal coursework? Athabasca celebrated the end of year with their Athabasca University Cozy Mountain Lodge and the Australian National University is holding a hybrid multi-location virtual/real Grand Graduation: Class of 2020. Join Tom Worthington  and be ready to give your examples of informal student interaction.

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