Monday, December 14, 2015

TAFE Queensland Advertising University Degrees

I was surprised to see a Google AdSense advertisement from TAFE Queensland saying "Do Uni Differently". Australia has strict laws which say only accredited universities can offer university degrees. Clicking on the link I ended up at the Brisbane campus of TAFE Queensland, where it is explained that TAFE Queensland has partnered with University of Canberra and others.

An example is the Diploma of Interactive Digital Media (Games) / Bachelor of Games and Interactive Design. The student first does a one year TAFE Queensland diploma, which replaces the first year of the three year University of Canberra bachelors degree. The program is delivered on the TAFE campus in Brisbane. It is not clear how the University of Canberra component is delivered (on-line and/or with tutors at the TAFE in Brisbane).

Starting at TAFE is a good alternative to going straight to university, particularly for students who are less academically inclined. The TAFE gives a more structured environment for students and gives them a year to adjust from school to university. Also students get a useful vocational qualification from their first year. However, TAFE Queensland might need to change their advertising slightly as they are not accredited to "deliver world-class degrees".

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