Thursday, December 10, 2015

Teach Our Researchers How to be Entrepreneurs

Part of the funding previous cut from CSIRO and NICTA/Data61 has been restored in the Government's
2016 Innovation Statsment. I suggest some of this should go to training the researchers in innovation, entrepreneurship, commercialization and communication. These organizations have been able to carry out research, but have a poor track record in turning the results of research into products and services. The reason for this poor performance, I suggest, is in part because the researchers have seen it as someone else's job to take their work and turn it into a commercial venture. That attitude needs to change and the best way to do it is to teach the researchers how commercialization works, with courses on innovation and entrepreneurship, where they are required to practice communicating with a non-technical audience.  I am designing a course to be delivered via mobile devices to help with this.

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