Thursday, February 11, 2016

Resources for Teaching ICT in Schools

Joel Cowey talked about the CSIRO ICT in Schools Program at the Australian Computer Society in Canberra, 10th February 2016. Joel explained how the program (ICTiS) partners volunteer ICT professionals and with school teachers who are teaching the new Australian Digital Technologies Curriculum. He showed some hardware used in schools for teaching ICT, as well as pointing out useful online resources. Here are some links:

For IT Professionals and Teachers:

  1. CSIRO ICT in Schools Registration
  2. InteACT ACT IT Teachers Association
  3. Australian Digital Technologies Curriculum
  4. Free Online Course for Teaches on the Digital Curriculum
  5. Teach for Australia Program for graduates to take up teaching
  6. Double degree for science teaching from ANU and University of Canberra
  7. Comp8440 ANU Free and Open Source Software Development

Activities for Students:

Hardware for teaching IT:

  1. Bee Bot a teaching robot for young students
  2. Arduino Low cost single board computer
  3. Arduino LilyPad Low cost computer designed to sew into fabric 
  4. Makey Makey Game controller for kids

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