Monday, February 1, 2016

US Computer Science For All Could Follow Australian Approach

US President Obama has issued a proposal for "Computer Science For All" (White House, 30 January 2016), for school students to learn computer science. This proposes $4B to states and $100M to school districts for training teachers, materials and regional partnerships. I suggest the US could adapt the Australian  Digital Technologies Curriculum, which is far broader than just computer science.

Also the USA could adapt the CSER Digital Technologies Course, from Computer Science Education Research Group (CSER) at the University of Adelaide for training teachers online. Training teachers in digital technologies will have benefits across the school system and it would be best if this teaching incorporated the use of digital technology.

ps:  I have arranged for Joel Cowey from CSIRO to speak on the CSIRO ICT in Schools Program at the Australian Computer Society in Canberra,10 February.

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