Thursday, June 28, 2018

Learning to Teach and Assess at the ANU Early Career Academic Forum

The Australian National University is holding an "Early Career Academic Forum", 24 to 25 July 2018. This is run by the ANU Network of Early Career Teachers, Academics and Researchers ("NECTAR"). This is aimed at new staff starting their career and Phd students considering a career. I will be facilitating a discussion of Improving Teaching and Learning at ANU.
"Program Highlights:
Tuesday, 24 July
  • Workshop: Indigenous perspective inclusive/sensitive pedagogy
  • World Cafe style Morning Tea with discussions around Learning to Teach and Assess, PDRs and promotions, challenges faced by Early Career Academics and many more.
  • Roundtable with Marnie Hughes-Warrington, DVC (Academic), and Grady Venville, PVC (Education).
  • Workshop: ANU Teaching and Learning Vision with Grady Venville
  • Research Presentation on ECA Employability
  • Panel: Job Security. Confirmed panel members: Sue Thomas (CEO, ARC), Mike Calford (Provost, ANU), Denise Ferris (Head, School of Art & Design) and Lyndall Strazdins (National Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health, ANU).
Wednesday, 25 July:
  • Panel: Overturning the obstacles of sexual misconduct, harassment, hostility and practices of inequity within the university. Confirmed panel members: Dean of Staff, Alyssa Shaw (PARSA President), Renee Hamilton (Universities Australia) and Jamiyl Mosley (Head of Burton and Garran Hall).
  • Roundtable with VC Brian Schmidt.
  • AGM
  • Workshop: “What to do when things go wrong” with Gail Frank (Adviser to staff, ANU)."
From: Early Career Academic Forum, NECTAR, 2018
ps: An interesting future option for ANU is microcredentialing, as mentioned by the VC at a Senate inquiry recently. 

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