Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Conference on Future Academic Workforce

The University of Technology Sydney is hosting a free one day conference on "The Future of Academic Work", 5 December 2018. This will report on research on how successful the role of "Scholarly Teaching Fellow (STF) has been at Australian universities. A quick search of LinkedIn showed fewer than 100 people with this job description. These were all at five Australian universities: Monash (11), Macquarie (8), La Trobe (6), Sydney (15), and Technology Sydney (15).
"In the changed university what is the role of academics? This one-day conference seeks to initiate a debate about the changing nature of academic work in universities, and beyond. ... the new Scholarly Teaching Fellow (STF) role was introduced into Australian universities in 2013. The positions were aimed at creating a more stable teaching workforce, while also addressing growing concerns about the injustices of academic casualisation. The STF positions aim to offer a career path for casual academics, and have had an important impact on the sector-wide debate about the relationship between teaching, scholarship and research. ... 100 in-depth interviews conducted across several universities with STFs, managers and stakeholders will be presented and debated at the conference. This research reflects on the implementation and experience of the new STF positions, and the opportunities and challenges of changing academic work. The resulting report will be pre-circulated; conference workshops will debate aspects of the report; keynotes will address wider conceptual and policy challenges."

From "The Future of Academic Work: a Deliberative Conference", UTS, 2018.

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