Friday, June 8, 2018

Best of EduTECH Sydney, Higher Ed Leaders Congress, Day 2

EduTECH Sydney starts this morning. I am on 2:20pm today speaking about e-portfolios in the Higher Ed Leaders Congress. Apart from that, here is my best of:
9:10 Distant learning through AR: How AR has helped paramedic students 'VISUALISE' skills
  • Learn how AR can be used to provide distant learning
  • Discover how to provide more opportunity for distance students through AR and mixed-media visualisations
  • Anatoli Kovalev
  • Build your student's confidence level through digital engagement
9:30 UNSW Hero Program case study: Student-driven innovation for universities
  • Discover the first program in Australia that gets students and their professional work experience to design their own learning experience and environment
  • How universities can work with students to design and develop internal innovation projects at your university
  • Lessons learned from project, and how you can successfully achieve great collaboration with students, operational and educational staff
9:50 Critical success factors of the implementation of a National eLearning Platform
  • See how Singapore’s National eLearning Platform has supported the teaching and learning of 96,000 students and 3,500 staff within a 6 month project time frame
  • Learn how to effectively collaborative through inter-institutional teams to work towards a common goal
  • Discover how to provide students and industry with appropriate skillsets through the National eLearning Platform
10:10 Blending learning pedagogy, technology and space in a connected world: Implications for institutions, teachers and students
  • Discover how learning and teaching has changed in a blended world and blended teaching has changed in a connected world
  • Learn how to use technology to support effective assessment and enhance student learning
  • Discover how teachers and students can thrive in a connected world
  • See how project-based learning can create active life-long learning

Shirley Alexander
11:30 How to prepare work-ready graduates
  • Learn how to integrate technology in the classroom to deliver enhanced teaching and learning experiences
  • See how strong collaborative partnerships can aid educational institutions to prepare for digital disruption
  • Discover how virtual and physical education infrastructure can drive innovation in Australian education
Pauline Farrell
Pauline Farrell,
Former Director, 
Swinburne University

11:50 Education's response to prepare students for the future of work
  • Discover how AI will change the workforce and how we can prepare our students
  • Learn how online learning innovation can be used to respond to changes in workforce
  • See where in the education cycle you can be proactive in driving student engagement with digital learning
12:10 Digital inclusion, moving from chalk & talk to eEducation
  • Discover a vision for an educational future: Transforming education through technology
  • Learn how to use online and mobile technologies to improve skills
  • Create a framework for assessing and considering readiness of universities to provide access to students
12:30 Lunch
Jo Mithen
Monash College
14:00 Industry partnerships to create better opportunities for students
  • Insights into Monash Talent: learning how to solve skills challenges facing industries
  • Using technology to find the right graduates to the industry
  • Discover how to match services to make sure right candidate aligned to right role
14:20 Using an ePortfolio to capture students’ skill sets to align to workplace
  • Discover innovative education techniques to teach students how to better communicate with employers and people
  • Learn how to build your students confidence and capture their skills set to become more job ready
  • Discover how to provide formal postgraduate education to students in their workplaces via mobile devices
15:20 Afternoon tea


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