Wednesday, June 27, 2018

What is ResearchOps?

Greetings from the workshop on Research Ops Hosted by Ruth Ellison at the Digital Transformation Agency in Canberra (there are other locations around the world). This is about refining the design of user interfaces for web based applications, based on user input. This overlaps with existing user interface, systems analysis and industrial designs disciplines.

Students taking part in a  Lego Serious Play exercise at the Australian National University in Canberra
One of the issues discussed was how to get a multidisciplinary team working. I mentioned a Lego Serious Play session run by Dr Stephen Dann for the ANU TechLauhcher program. In this the new student team members used Lego to help draw out issues about what they saw as their role and what their project was about. This could be useful for ResearchOps teams.

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  1. Stephen Dann has a paper published n his use of Lego for university teaching:

    Dann, S. (2018). Facilitating co-creation experience in the classroom with Lego Serious Play. Australasian Marketing Journal, 26(2), 121-131.