Friday, May 15, 2020

ANZDF Logistics Hack: A Blizzard of Messages.

A joint hackathon to Secure Supply Chains for the Australian and NZ Defence Forces starts at 7pm (Canberra Time). I have volunteered to help, as a Lead Mentor, mentoring some of the mentors, who in turn provide advice to the participants). The Slack communications tool is being used for the event. This can be a little overwhelming, with a blizzard of messages. It can be easy to miss some important, in among lots of "hello I am...". This is something academics teaching online at university could useful experience, as it is similar to the bewildering flood of messages a student receives. The academic running a course may send out a message and wonder why students did not receive it. What they do not see are the other several hundred messages the student will receive from the university the same day.

Some of the pre-reading for the hack, may be of interest:
  1. COVID-19 crisis, By Katherine Ziesing, Australian Defence Magazine, 5 April 2020
  2. Covid-19 shows Australia needs a national sovereignty strategy, by David Fawcett, Australian Strategic Policy Institute,12 May 2020
  3. Three Examples of a Supply Shock, Simplicable,6 February 2020
  4. One hundred days of the coronavirus crisis, By Inga Ting and Alex Palmer, 4 May 2020

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